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Mikhail Liamin

Mikhail Liamin



Mikhail Liamin is an abstract artist who sees it as his task to stimulate the viewer to emotions with the help of form and color scheme. His designs are inspired by the laws of nature and forms found in Scandinavian architecture. The design and expert activities in the field of restoration show his sensitivity in the creation of art. Using textural paints in his work, he achieves a non-standard feeling of works, awakening the sensory basis of the subconscious.
At the heart of European architecture, the artist sees references to antiquity, when forests still served as a habitat for man, influencing his thinking and sense of beauty. The artist says: «Once walking through the historical center of Helsinki (Finland), I was inspired by the peculiarities of the city’s architecture. I was interested in the textures of the cladding of old buildings, their pat-ina and colors. I was mesmerized by the combination of rough texture and glitter of shop win-dows, grace of signage and forged elements. These features correlate with the feeling of aes-thetic delight experienced when being in a forest area with mirror-like lakes and rocky shores». The aesthetic approach to design among the northern peoples was formed along with the men-tality. It is based on rocky and coniferous nature. She formed the cultural code of people, laying the principles of harmony and simplicity. Historical buildings are the best witnesses to the histo-ry of the culture of society, the tendencies and thoughts of architects, the fate of people who lived in this architectural environment. For a long time, the artist lived surrounded by the archi-tecture of the Northern Art Nouveau. He took over the style as inspiration for the concept. The essence of which is to direct the viewer’s gaze to the insignificant, but symbolic elements of ur-ban decoration, which directly affect the spiritual and emotional life of a person. Emphasize their role in influencing the intellectual level of society, involving it in the process of finding its emotional involvement in the life of the city. In his work, the artist reflects the experiences asso-ciated with the city, conveying a personal perception of sensuality in texture and colors. Using a passion for the rigor of lines, dynamics of composition, restraint of colors and randomness of texture. This approach allows him to create an emotional effect, a balance between the cultural code of man and the natural world. Combining the two directions, he popularizes the idea of the influence of the surrounding space on the quality of human life. In the basis of his works, Mi-khail lays the academic experience with new trends in art, while maintaining the authenticity of Scandinavian design. Harmony is an important principle in any design. Approaching the imple-mentation of ideas from this position, he achieves the formation of a harmonious thinking of a person, his approach to the arrangement of personal space through the emotional perception of the urban environment.

Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. Faculty of Monumental and
Decorative Arts.
Selected Group Exhibition.
2019. Flowers and forms. Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists.
2018. Autumn 2018. Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists.
2018. Youth of St. Petersburg. Exhibition Center of the St.Petersburg Union of Artists.


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