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Chinese Dragon
Meng Xiaofeng

Chinese Dragon



Title: Chinese Dragon

Year: 2021

Technique: Digital Art | Encryption Art

The Chinese dragon is woven by charming legends. Due to people's belief, the dragon has become the symbol of our great nation with a long history and splendid culture. Until 5000 years later, the Chinese people are still proud to say that they are "descendants of the dragon”.

Why is the belief totem of Chinese civilization "dragon"?

Because on February 2, 8135 years ago, when the supreme virgin Huaxu gave birth to Fuxi Nuwa brothers and sisters, the blue and purple gas in the sky circled down like a dragon, and the thunder rumbled continuously, so it is called "the holy dragon came to the world". The holy body of Fuxi Nuwa was protected by dragon scales below the neck. That's why we call ourselves the descendants of the dragon.

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