Xiqual Udinbak
J Vega

Xiqual Udinbak



Title: Xiqual Udinbak
Year: 2021
Size: 1920x1056 pixels / 33 seconds
Technical Data: Video generated with VQGAN+CLIP, upscaled with Topaz Enhance, and edited in Premiere Pro. Audio created with Fender Jazzmaster guitar and EHX Micro Synth, mixed in Pro Tools.

Translated roughly, ‘Manifest Chaos.’ To create; to impose our will onto the universe. We use symbols to infect other minds with our ideas. Neurons instantly organize ensuing a symbolic stimulus. This piece uses AI-generated imagery to show how thoughts cascade into form, from small calculations to intricate specialized sigils, and how they evolve to affect the minds and world around us.