Chris Barley




Title: Urania
Year: 2021
Size: : 90x60cm
Technique: Acrylics on Canvas

The three paintings on display are part of a series of nine acrylic paintings on canvas aims to pay tribute to the Muses of Greek mythology, who presided over different artistic fields. The nine Muses and their gifts of song, dance, and joy helped the Godsand the ancient Greeks for-get their troubles and focus on art and beauty. The Muses were the embodiment of certain artis-tic ideals, and they inspired musicians, writers, and performers to reach even greater artistic and intellectual heights. Chris Barley had fun assigning them a background and different colors to each one, according to their particularities. The set of nine paintings exudes both strength and an incredible variety of colors but which tend to form a single entity not lacking in harmony / This painting is dedicated to Urania (“heavenly” or “of heaven") is the Muse of astronomy, as-tronomical writings and astrology. She is said to be able to tell the future by the arrangement of the stars. She inherited Zeus’ power and majesty and Mnemosynes’ beauty and grace. She is of-ten associated with universal love. Muse Urania was the protector of the celestial objects and stars.