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The root of light

The root of light



Title: The root of light
Year: 2022
Size: 45,5x38 cm
Technique: Digital Art

We are sowing seeds. The seeds themselves have just sprouted in the soil and are not visible on the ground, but shine under the ground.
The roots that support you grow by absorbing new light.
It is a single tree now, but it will eventually become a forest over time.

You may not have noticed yet, but you have a lot of your energy at your feet.
You are the one who can grow the seeds you have sowed in your life. Believe in the possibilities of the future and thank yourself for the past.

I value the people I meet, opportunities, and relationships. They are connected to my pre-sent. Each seed sown may sprout on its own, but it can also be connected to the roots of light.
In a world where I don't know what will happen, I appreciate and harmonize with the en-counter. I want to enjoy chances and create connections.
I want to be an artist who creates opportunities.

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