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Apoorva Mittal




Title: Home
Year: 2022
Size: 9 in X 12 in (unframed)// 13 in X 16.5 in X 1 in (framed)
Technique: Watercolors, ink and collage on paper. The strips for the collage were created through linoprint and are an indication of the artist wanting to highlight how there is beauty to be felt in day-to-day things.

The piece is conversational. The artist is showing you her space, exposing herself to your critique and extending an invitation to her space.
The artist has created this space to provide her comfort daily and support her introverted and dreaming personality. The physical space is also an exploration of the mental space you need to give yourself to grow by slowing down and creating a pace that works for you.

Today, notice the tiny details and textures of every individual item because the artist finds beauty in the day-to-day stuff and likes to capture it in her work including the accentuated curtains, and textures of her coffee table.

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