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Out There in the Sky
Patricia RAIN Gianneschi

Out There in the Sky



Title: Out There in the Sky
Year: 2017-19
Technique: Video

Out There In The Sky

"This round sphere spinning
Traveling around the great sun
Older than we realize
Hiding truths yet be revealed
In this time of man
The long history of earth
So Many stories and legends
Each one a part of the truth
Revealed over centuries
We think we know the story
We only know parts of the story
We have forgotten
Or lost
Most of the truth…
Buried and forgotten
Under the sands
Hidden from view
Lay the history of our planet
Under the sea
A world still so deep
Unknown to us
The hidden caves
Over time we discover
Bits and pieces of Ancient Texts
Cracked and dried out skulls
Traces of lives lived and lost to time
Mummies that reveal strangely shaped heads
And the Art
In every culture
Revealing something…
Out there
In the Sky”

Poetry: Patricia Rain Gianneschi
Piano:  Patricia RAIN Gianneschi
Video: Patricia RAIN Gianneschi
Glass Chandeliers: Josiah McEleny

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