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Sample of a Universe

Sample of a Universe



«Sample of a Universe» is a multidisciplinary abstract artist from France.
After spending time writing, she started visual arts through painting in 2017 with the de-sire to
experiment colors, shapes, textures and reach various forms of harmony.
Each piece of work, each sample of a universe introduces a spiritual game with the spec-tator.
She invites to imagine our own representation, to listen to our inner echo.
In that way, sharing her art is like another step of an experimentation digging the univer-sality of art
and our subconscious.
You can observe the same pattern in her abstract tattoo flashes: «Skin Sample».
Today, she also designs eco-friendly clothing and creates NFTs.
These fields gather within the brand «Art Sample» that she created as artist and curator.
A human-sized quality space to value the work of young talents.
From there, the adventure goes on.


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