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Gintare Kursvietyte




95cm x 61cm
Acrylic paint on canvas
Expedited by:
VAN GOGH Art Gallery
Contemporary Art Fair Monaco 2020
Collective Art Show Madrid 2020

My inspiration for this painting was lovely @mishajapanwala and her work.
What I wanted to show in this painting is freedom. We all know how hard it is to be a girl in this strange times. There are certain rules the ways people are expecting us to look, feel and act. The shape of the body, the color of the skin, the body language, the way we think and speak..
It's not easy to be and feel free in your own skin. That's the reason why I made this painting so colorful - because all of the colours are beautiful. The way I see this girl holding a stamp of the body shape made by @mishajapanwala is showing that sometimes we want to escape of all the rules that's been created over the years. Why I'm not showing the face? Simply because sometimes we want to be heard not just seen and judged by our looks.

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