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Remembering myself
Dana Mesesan

Remembering myself



Title: Remembering myself Year: 2021 Size: 24''x24'' (61cm x61cm) Technical data: 3D installation on canvas, acrylic paint and beeswax paste for accents. Other material used: memory chips, plastic lid, fabric flowers and leaves,paste/stencils, other new or recycled items (metal rings, plastic shapes) I love to build stories, using old and new items, glued on canvas, then painted with acrylic. 'Remembering myself' it's about me, remembering who I am and always have been: a very creative woman who it's always seeked to create, regardless the medium. However, I know that it's the story of every woman; it's just a matter of remembering that we are strong and brave: we can do anything we want. Artist: Dana Mesesan

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