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Iacopo Zanzi "Push"
Digital Artist

Iacopo Zanzi "Push"

Digital Artist


Hello, my name is Iacopo Zanzi, a digital artist known as push.gfx.
Born and raised in the northern part of Italy since 1995. As soon as I finished school I started jumping from a job to another until my current employment in a basketball shop.
In 2010 I discovered Graphic Arts and I suddenly felt in love with them. At the beginning I was into Video Making and photo editing, with a bit of CGI to add that 3D feeling. Then in 2019, my passion for Digital Arts and 3D projects completely took over, making me forget about everything else and focusing only on that. That was my turning point which brought me where I am today.
I’m a self-taught artist, Youtube has been my teacher, my college, the most important source from which, driven by my relentless curiosity, I kept improving and learning. Day after day I was constantly feeding my brain with all the information that I wanted to learn and make part of myself. In the early months of 2021 an instagram AD completely changed my life.
That AD was about a Domestika course brought by the Everyday and Digital artist Klarens Malluta, his course is the main reason why I started my everyday journey on the 16th of March 2021.Ever since then I've been posting my daily artworks on my social profiles, trying to become a full time NFT artist. I have a true passion for what I do, I can’t imagine my life without doing what I’m doing right now, I totally love it.

My artworks are mostly characterized by human representations in abstract and natural contexts, with a futuristic, mystical and a spiritual touch. Most of them are influenced by daily situations, emotions and moods that I feel and try to represent in my everyday process.
I really enjoy making my works in this way because it creates an emotional bond with the artwork, a bridge for all the people that identify themselves in my art, and consequently, also with myself.
This link between the abstract emotional side of the artwork and the concreteness of it is what makes me love this process and pushes me to keep going, day after day, after day, after day, forever.


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