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Fay (0101)
Studio Tjeerd

Fay (0101)



Digital Photography - 2019 Photo shot at the models home. Model: Fay H. MUAH: Sophie Bliek Fay is only seven years old. She's holding a bouquet of flowers which were hand picked the day before at "Hanneke's Pluktuin" ( The purpleblue cornflowers complement perfectly with her blue dress and eyes. The photo is shot from below to give Fay more power, while Fay and the bouquet together form a triangle, which is also a powerful shape. It represents a firm posture. Triangles in architecture are known for their solid basis on which you can build secure structures. Being this young as Fay is, she need to lay her basis to become a balanced adult, while the flowers depicts the blooming life she has in front of her. Artist: Studio Tjeerd

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