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Play Renderpeople 02
Johann Neumayer

Play Renderpeople 02



Title: Play Renderpeople
Year Completed: 2023
Size: 7644 x 4256 pixels
Technical: Rhino5 program, for industrial design, digital printing from the screen

The image in the background is inserted via background image, this can be an already finished digital image or a drawing. The foreground is a female figure from The circle elements consist of approx. 20 individual parts that are arranged radially, these circle elements are arranged radially again, and some are removed, see picture, creates a pattern. All parts can be moved and displayed in perspective view, further views are top view, left and right view. The gold color is created via mapping, any color is possible, including patterns. The output pressure is adjustable and is responsible for the image size of the finished image. Printing can be done on paper and various substrates, including glass, of any size, therefore the price is on request. The arrangements and ideas are mostly intuitive and mostly random, but also according to design guidelines.

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