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Alone together
Wu Tungyang

Alone together



Title: Alone together

Year: 2020

Technique: Acrylic on wall

“Alone Together” is a mural panting in which there is a Sofa side by the window at the dark attic. “Alone” and “Together” have oppose meaning: when these two words comes side by side, then it became the new meaning. For example, you lose your love by some reason. It could be a warm breakfast; it could be a cup of coffee. But you still not give up to seek. Certainly the meaning of “Alone Together” is not being alone and being together. It’s about the changing moment between alone and together. It could be anything for this moment. Like this mural shows, the breaking moment is the window light. You have to seek in the dark room. Like this broken Sofa. Seeking the light from anytime at this quiet room.

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