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Janusz Tworek




Title: Consistent
Year: 2021
Size: painting base 50x40 cm on plywood 60x60 cm
Technique: oil and acrylic

A two-element composition consisting of an oil painting painted on a 50x40cm painting base, glued to a 60x60 plywood, painted with acrylic paint.
It presents the artist as a figure consistent with himself and with everything that surrounds him on all levels of existence. It shows an internally coherent being (green is the color of life, hope and energy, yellow is optimism and happiness) but at the same time as an entity consistent with his life partner who is his support (red is strength). Both characters also have black accents, which symbolizes the inevitability of fate. The composition also shows consistency with the past and fate, symbolized by a white and a black cat in a space dominated by characters. Turning your back to this space emphasizes the fact that you have control over it. The white cat rises and the black cat goes away, which symbolizes the advantage of the positive over the negative in the system of fate. The figures face a bright space in the colors of light green (hope, life) and light blue (freedom, security) with accents of white as a symbol of balance. This is the area of an optimistic future. The darker green and darker blue colors dominate in the external space made of stronger shapes and lumps. Dark blue is strength and dark green is related to the dark side of nature (symbolism of toxicity and poisons). This area is the present with its dangers. Leaving the plywood free from paint symbolizes the space of the absolute devoid of human interference. This space is the actual frame of our fate. The whole composition is to emphasize the harmonious coherence of all these spaces with the artist.

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