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Be positive

Be positive



Title: “Be positive”
Year: 2021
Size: Original 15.7″x19.6″ (40x50cm), thickness 1.57″ (4cm)
Technique: acrylic and gouache painting on canvas

She is diving into the deep sea. It nearly touches 30 meters. She floats on the white sand dune. Nothing can be seen by the eye sight. It is deep cold inside her heart. Her mind is trigger with fear inside. She swims slowly to her buddy and tell him with a sign hand communication. He understands main part of it. He introduces her to overcome her fear distracting her with the wonderful small seas creature that can be seen properly by only look through the magnifying lens. They are the macro creature like nudibranch, super-sniffer, small slug...etc. Their colors are magnificent to her eyes. It is very amazed that how the macros have the wonderful pigment on their skin. Times pass rapidly, it is nearly 45-minute dives and time to ascent. At the safety stop (5meters 3minutes), she realized that she has overcome her fear and in return she has a splendid moment. It has regained her the confident back again. <<This painting I designed to convey the power of strengthens, expression and given that fear, it is possible to be weak while finding the courage>>.

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