Weight of History
Christina Walsh

Weight of History



Title: Weight of History
Size: 91,44x122 cm
Technique: Acrylic and mixed media on canvas

Weight of History has so much to do with the continued racism against indigenous people in America, the denial of our violent history and the need to erase those in history that make the collective America uncomfortable. I remember working on a public art project where I collaborated in the design of a public piece but it was painted by an indigenous person, and still, there where people who said it “wasn’t indian enough,” and the contin-ued effort to interrupt the federal recognition of native Tribes that have been recognized by treaty for more than a century. The connection to nature and the continued difficulty America has with its past leads me to this painting. A painting of love, honor, and history.

Statement about the exhibition:

“Coming Out as an artist has special meaning to me as an artist finding my style and direc-tion, I learn once again that it is an evolutionary process where the topics of mind lead the painting. It seems that no matter the palette, the painting finds its own way. I continue to explore cubism and the study of faces and the human expressions that can be seen even without a face. I am fascinated by the cubist notion of seeing many images within one and continue to enjoy the interplay that sometimes offers unexpected results. “