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Koz has always had a yearning to be an artist.
From an early age, she preferred to paint fantastically and abstractly, rather than to draw what she saw as she saw it. However, people around her did not understand her, and as she grew up, she somehow shut off the idea of expressing herself and the world she saw through her paintings. She had low self-esteem due to her family environment.

As an adult, she discovered that she had ADHD and ASD tendencies. She felt that this solved the mystery of the discomfort she had felt all her life. She faced herself.

More than 10 years after her diagnosis, she felt much less of the discomfort she had felt when she was younger. Then, by chance, she realized that her vision was narrower than that of a normal adult.
She was shocked at how different she saw the world from the way others saw it.

She began drawing pictures in the winter of 2022 to express the world as she saw it. When she posted them on social media, the response was more than she expected.
She was happy to know that some people in the world liked her drawings, which were not understood by others when she was a child.

She tries to draw her pictures in such a way that when people look at her pictures, they see them differently depending on their feelings and circumstances at the time.
She will continue to paint greedily.


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