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Horizon of Freedom
Kazu Tsutsumi

Horizon of Freedom



Title: Horizon of Freedom
Year: 2022
Size: 455mm x 530mm
Technique: acrylic painting on canvas

This time, I thought a lot about freedom and peace, but I pursued as minimalistic expression as possible in this work. The flower represents a democratic society, and the golden ratio is used for its shaping. I hope people will find beautiful orders and the dynamism created by freedom in the flower.
Complete freedom and equality, where murder is permissible, leads to disorder and a free life is lost.
In a pyramid society, on the other hand, order is born, but people are not free except for dictators.
When everyone gives up a part of their freedom for other people, real freedom is born.
And that true freedom gives birth to creation and brings richness and happiness to the people.

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