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Indira Gandhi speaking to her indian landmen (1984)
Thomas Bienert

Indira Gandhi speaking to her indian landmen (1984)



Title INDIRA GANDHI SPEAKING TO HER INDIAN LANDMEN (1984) Execution: 2020 Photography + digital art, limited edition 1/10 Size: 80x80 cm (Other sizes on request) Frame: Glossy gallery style (DiaSec 2 mm Acryl + 3 mm Alu Dibond) or No frame, just Fine Art print 80x80 cm Text: THE DAY BEFORE Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her bodyguards, she held a prophetic speech telling that she knows that one day she will be killed. Son Rajiv Gandhi took over his mother’s job as Prime Minister immediately. And was also assassinated only seven years later. Mother and son both died for India. Artist: Thomas Bienert

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