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Rafaela Tellaeche




MANOS GRANDES - Linocut - 120 x 80 cm (paper) 1 stamp of 98 x 73 cm - 2019 Hands are inscribed eternally in the being of the subject. Hands are somewhat independent from the mind but constantly in the dialogue of the thinking. I am interested in hands because I consider them a metaphysical, corporeal and creative measure for the subject. The hand as a symbol, as a sign and as a meaning whilst being the constructor of the latter. “Manías” refers to actions that have to be done, are not necessary and sometimes are autonomous. My “manías” tend to be repetitive, restless, tactile, revolve within themselves, defining themselves. In the attempt of escaping autorreferal, I found myself. Realized that I cannot escape from it, because it is the lens that shapes my perception. I enjoy playing with different types of language. Finding ways into the maze of interpretation. I am interested in exploring error margins within languages, which allow there to be interpretation, misunderstandings, sensibility. The possibility of different interpretations in a language, the mistakes that are made on purpose and the manipulation of the latter is poetic. The piece is autonomous. I am touched by my work, invaded by piece senses that I have to do. From time to time, everything makes sense; when I am producing constantly, when I mantain my hands busy, doing necessarily unnecessary processes that become essential to it all. Artist: Rafaela Tellaeche

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