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RGB SKY 2023


International Contemporary Art exhibition

2023 APRIL, 13th

Concept by Art Curator Karla Peralta Málaga

ACT ∞ - Scene 1: Wakeful memories. Wakeful Sky.

Enter light. Look up.

RGB SKY is being created so spectators can activate their memories to imagine.

Phaos. I have foreseen this place as a multiple atmosphere. We are meant to be perceived as an understanding of light, we are captivated by energy to engage strength and desire. Different color models have been developed to generate a diverse range of wavelengths perceptions. There is one in particular, which is an additive process and by mixing its three wavelengths you will create white light (Phaos). Color is light, a new beginning. We are creating a space, a RGB

SKY, a blank space to imagine.

Mneme. It is imperative to undertake the task of creation in a world already determined and established by some. Utopian cities have already been imagined such as "La città del sole" by Tommaso Campanella, “Utopia" by Thomas Moore, "Magnesia" and "Kallipolis" by Plato. Virtual cities, virtual realities alive as ideas. But maybe it is necessary to take ideas, not from a utopian city, but from a place intended for remembrance, such as the memory theatre by Venetian Giulio Camillo. Frances Yates in her "Art of memory," shows Giulio Camillo as the one who started the process to imagine a place to gather memories. He intended a materialization of human memory and make it accessible as collective knowledge, where a theatre would act as an information source such as internet now does. Each level of the theatre presented different archetypical images. The spectators become performers by being placed in the stage to be aware of every single image surrounding them. RGB SKY is being created in order to activate your imagination and stimulate your memory by looking at other people's perspective reflected in their created images. Spectators become performers.

Phaos. I will remember Camillo. Six colors, six levels the theatre will have to present the images I await to place. Spectators become performers.

Mneme. If color is light and light always brings new beginnings, the use of light will bring new spaces. Color is a quality of light is a given personality. Remember also how the theater itself will be a manifestation of memory, a recollection of images to be sensed and fantasized. Aristotle stated that phantasia (imagination) is always in motion activated by a sensation. Sight is the main sense, the name phantasia is derived from phaos (light). Imagination is what occurs when we sense an image.

Phaos. Wakefulness as a desire, color as quality of light. White as wakefulness, the starting point of it all. From it, a space is created. I look for calmness for I have seen too much turmoil. Is meant as a calm atmosphere to start placing images to activate memories. Spectators will be surrounded by a potential source for phantasia.

Mneme. Have you finished creating that space? A Mneme space?

Phaos. The theatre is almost complete but it is empty. The only rule for the RGB SKY, is to discover as many memories as possible. Utopian cities have been created to escape their author's realities, Plato, Campanella, Moore they all intended to build a new one. RGB SKY is conceived as a theatre, where spectators can interact with colors to imagine.

Mneme. Do you think utopias were imagined to be considered as places to carry our knowledge, Moore, Plato and Campanella were just trying to organize our thoughts by creating a peaceful city to contain our memories? Giulio Camillo's memory theatre was conceived to imagine, right?

Phaos. I call the artists. RGB SKY is being built and it is empty of memory. Let the light of colors fill your images. Let us discover common ideas, common feelings. Which images would you choose to make others imagine? RGB Sky, a place for a wakeful imagination.

Exit, pursued by a bear. Phaos is waiting Phantasia. Stay wakeful.

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