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Fairy foke
Andy Cumming

Fairy foke



Title: Fairy foke
Year Completed: 2018
Size: 122cm X 122cm X 1,5cm
Technical: Mixed media painting on wooden panel

“Fairy Foke was part of a large installation exhibited as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival in 2018 called ‘Adam Linklater; Mythopeoia' I created an alter ego called Adam Linklater who created a facebook page and posted research into the Occult history of Scotland. I made wild connections some of which were related to real mythology connecting Scotland with ancient egypt. Adam per-formed Shamanic noise rituals at stone neolithic circles found around Scotland. He did this with a circuit bent instrument he believed could unlock secrets of man's true destiny and unlock lost knowledge. It was a conceptual exhibition and people came to the exhibition believing Adam was a real person. I suppose it was a comment on our times. The internet allows you to become any-thing and can disorient reality. Inspired by online conspiracy theories and psychology. Mythopoeia is Greek for, the creation of Mythology”

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