Hiroshi Wada

Hiroshi Wada



I am Hiroshi Wada, a calligraphy artist based in Kyoto, Japan.
I have started practicing Japanese Shodo (literally means the way of calligraphy) at the age of 5.
I was selected several times in the Nitten exhibition, which is the biggest and greatest general art exhibition in Japan. Currently, I exhibit my works mainly in the US and Europe.
I aim to make Japanese classical calligraphy to be accepted as contemporary art and blended into scenes in the world, with out of box style, not to follow only the traditional way.

Other calligraphers use the technique of writing after a model, rinsho, which they have learned and write so-called calligraphers’ characters. On the other hand, in my case, I try to once forget what I have learned so far and start with a clean slate to write characters like a child who writes characters innocently. Even so, the lines of characters should be such lines as only a proficient calligrapher can draw and the characters should be avant-garde but readable. This is the calligraphy I wish to achieve.

I write characters and each character has a meaning. I would like people to see my works with the meaning of each character in mind. I hope my works will make you feel relaxed, inspired, think of peace, or feel something.

My artwork might be considered as heresy at the standpoint of classic traditional Japanese calligraphy. However, I believe unless we break classical traditions or common sense, the truly new things cannot be made. This might seem strange now, but I strongly believe the time will come someday in the future, it may be several decades later or even hundred years later after I die, people will understand eventually my thought and way.