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Hiroshi Wada

Hiroshi Wada



I am Hiroshi Wada, a calligraphy artist based in Kyoto, Japan.
I have started practicing Japanese Shodo (literally means the way of calligraphy) at the age of 5.
I won a prize several times in the Nitten exhibition, which is the biggest and greatest general art exhibition in Japan. Currently, I exhibit my works mainly in the US and Europe.
I aim to make Japanese classical calligraphy acknowledged as the art that reaches an inter-national level, which can be accepted as contemporary art and blended into scenes in the world, with out of box style, not to follow only the traditional way.

Black and white Japanese ink drawings on rice paper is quite simple but has the established styles performed since ancient times. But I try to forget everything that I have learned so far and start with a clear mind to draw each word like an innocent child. In this way, the works will form a vibrant union between the familiar and enigmatic, and an intriguing divergence between the past and present. Each drawing line will be refined and the word it-self turned to avant-garde but still readable. This requires high level of the concentration, daily discipline and skill. This is the calligraphy I wish to achieve.

As a calligrapher, I have been drawing various words. Each character have its own meaning. I am more than happy if people see my work and feel the meaning. Even if someone do not understand the word’s meaning, I hope they can feel something in their own way, such as relaxed, inspired, energized or peace of mind.

My artwork might be considered as heresy at the standpoint of the classic traditional Japanese calligraphy. However, I believe unless we break classical traditions or common sense, the truly new things cannot be made. This might seem strange now, but I strongly believe the time will come someday in the future, it may be several decades later or even hundred years later after I die, people will understand eventually my thought and way.


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