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Beniko Choji

Beniko Choji



丁子紅子Choji Beniko
1991 Born in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture
Currently a member of the Contemporary Children's Art Association Graduated from Omiya Kouryou High School, Fine Arts Department Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, majoring in Japanese painting.

Since childhood I have been attracted to creating something from nothing, and that is still true.
I started to feel emptiness in the drawing of real things, and now I draw the “fluctuation surfacing in my heart” as “forms that do not actually exist.”
This yearning for unreal forms could be an effort to search for the “pure essence” that only exists there.
I create art by layering pencil vertical strokes over and over.
This monochromatic world is limited in technique as well as color, and does not exude a flashy presence, but has a solid core.
It is because the elements are few that there is no muddiness.
It heightens the purity of my image and imbues my works with a unique texture and mood.
I want each viewer to experience their own unique emotional reaction, like kindness, sadness, or humor

Solo Exhibitions
2012 Beniko Choko Exhibition -to live- /Omiya Ishihara Seibido Gallery, Saitama, Japan
2014 Beniko Ding's solo exhibition - In the midst of loss, the thing that carves - / space2*3 Mitsui Art
2015 Beniko Choko Solo Exhibition / Cafe & Bar PONTE
2016 Beniko Ding's solo exhibition - Here I am. / space2*3 Mitsui Art
2017 Beniko Choko Solo Exhibition -Wish- / SOZO HARE&MAKE
2017 Beniko Ding's solo exhibition - To you. /Gallery Tomo
2018 Beniko Choko Japanese Painting Exhibition -That day- / Isetan Urawa
2018 Beniko Choko Solo Exhibition - Silent Body or Truth. /King Art Space
2019 Beniko Choko Japanese Painting Exhibition "Hanakotoba. GUM Omotesando
2020 Beniko Choko Solo Exhibition "Kagami-Ka-Sui-Getsu" / Kiyoshi Art Space
2020 Beniko Choko Solo Exhibition "Beside"/Ginza Okuno Building, Galley Ra, Sanuki Udon Aonoyama
2021 Beniko Choko solo exhibition "Time to melt together. /Art Gallery, 6F, Seibu Ikebukuro
2022 Beniko Choko solo exhibition/Gallery Art Morimoto

Encouragement Prize, 36th Contemporary Children's Art Exhibition
37th Contemporary Children's Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention (Award Candidate)
The 38th Contemporary Children's Art Exhibition, Contemporary Children's Art Association Prize
The 5th Next Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention
The 39th Contemporary Children's Art Exhibition, The Ueno Royal Museum Prize
Selected, 31st FUKUI Thumbhole Art Exhibition
The 40th Contemporary Children's Drawing Exhibition, 40th Memorial Friend of the So-ciety Award, nominated as a member
The 42nd Contemporary Children's Drawing Exhibition, Member Artist Award
The 45th Memorial Contemporary Children's Drawing Exhibition, Grand Prize for Con-temporary Children's Drawing


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