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Yu Uchida
Digital Artist

Yu Uchida

Digital Artist


Digital photocollage Creator. / Music digital marketer that supports Japanese Independ-ent musician.
In November 2021, I started making photo collages in the wake of musician artwork edit-ing.
I like to multiply "natural things" by "artifacts" and "digital things".
I edit about 2 artworks a day and post 1 artwork on Instagram every day.
I want to enjoy the fantasy world I created and create a story in the hearts of those who see it.
Tomorrow will be more hopeful when a story is born in your heart. Feeling the excitement and fun of childhood that you forget as you grow up can produce better results for the world and make it richer and more beautiful.
I think art is magic.
I want to awaken the story in everyone's heart through art!
And my art needs music.
I dream of collaborating with musicians from all over the world.


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