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Liliana Angela Mircea

Liliana Angela Mircea



Liliana Angela Mircea is an artist born in Bobalna, Romania in 1966. She started to paint in 1999, a year of tremendous upheaval in her life, in an attempt to ground herself and look for an outlet for her emotions, to escape to a world where reality is what she creates and not what life presents. It was the cry for help her soul brought up to make her look at herself and asses.
The artist paints her emotions finding in colours a refuge from the harsh challenges that eventually overcame. She had three solo exhibitions in Toronto, Canada, in the next two years, even if she still painted after the year 2000. These exhibitions are: “Liliana of Transylvania” and “Liberation” in 2000, and “An Intro” in 2001. In 2022 she participated in a group exhibition called “Dreaming of Venice” at the Venezia Biennale in Venice, Italy. And she is currently participating in another solo exhibition called “Returning to source” in Cluj Napoca Romania, and for the selection of The Luxembourg Art Prize 2022.
Liliana never took herself seriously as an artist and confined herself in a box: “I had a hobby”. A hobby doesn’t happen every day, there is no commitment to a hobby. Parallel to “the hobby”, she had an urge to work at her life purpose during the past years, an urge to finding her voice, and she continually searched for her place in the world, how does she relate to the world and how can she integrate her deep desire to help people and share with them experiences and knowledge that she lived and accumulated throughout the years.
She started a reiki course in 2014 and understood that her life and any life has no meaning without incorporating a dimension of awareness and of unity with the universe, with the collective consciousness, with all there is. Since then, she dedicated time to look at painting in a different light and integrated the joy of creation in her life in a way that was hard to see earlier, because of the trauma she experienced early in her life. Today everything came full circle and she understands painting, creating, is being alive.
Today, Liliana considers herself an artist. She worked hard to discipline herself and express her feelings and her questions in colour, to be coherent in sharing her gift and her work with the world. She loves painting and she is so excited to wake up and paint. Painting is for her her sacred ritual of thanking creation for the gift of life, of being one with the world, of channeling the infinite love of the benevolent intelligence present in everything inside and outside of herself. She approaches each canvas with the curiosity and excitement of a child who is free to play and she trusts that her alignment with the source of life will do the rest. Thus, each painting becomes a fragment of her joy and flows to her fellow humans in a message of profound love and compassion for humanity.


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