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Carien Borst

Carien Borst



My name is Carien Borst (1983). I live and work as an artist in The Netherlands and combine this with training and coaching programs for professionals and leaders. Making art is my passion! It has always been my free zone to play, create, enjoy and discover. After a career as leader in the mental healthcare, I decided to focus my heart and time on my art and coaching.

My studio is at home, in a small village in the South West of The Netherlands. Together with my husband and two children we live in a 300 year old house including the old workspace of the blacksmith. The old fireplace is still there. It has become my place to create.

2002 - 2006 Art Therapy
2006 – 2008 Learning and Development
2006 - 2008 Art classes Wendelmoet Langerak (artist)
2011 – 2013 Leadership program
2010 - 2018 Several art workshops, art retreats
2020 Sonja Smalheer art coach
2020 - 2021 Yearprogram Yvon van Bergen (artist)

2011 Exhibition Heinkenszand NL
2012 Exhibition Amersfoort, NL
2013 Exhibition Cityhall Middelburg NL
2013 Exhibtion Restaurant Vlissingen - NL
2021 National studio weekend NL
2021 Marizart International Galery Hamburg – Germany


"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but the inward significance"

We all need to learn how to live our life with all the good and difficult things, life can bring. We all have our history, life events, grieve, pain, anger, hope, power, vulnerability, strength and love.
Sometimes we just see the outside instead of what lies beneath. If we dare to connect with the feelings and emotions that lies behind the surface, it will bring new opportunities to connect with ourself and each other. It's a beautiful way to see, recognize and support the other in the midst of our life.

The quote of Aristotle inspires me to find out what lies behind the surface. In my portraits I feel the freedom of painting and creating not the way it "should be" but discover the emotions and expressions we all have. Sometimes we are (not yet) capable of showing them and bring them into the light where it can heal and reconnect with ourselves and the other.

In the last two years I paint several series about:
"Be still and know" about the importance of silence and rest to face your inner world.
"Femal Archetypes" about what we can learn from the femal characters in our life. (Except for Sara and Hagar, this serie is sold out)
"Soulportraits" about the diversity of feelings, emotions and find that inner strenght and power we all have.

With my paintings I hope to create a world of hope, connection, kindness, power, love, comfort, recognition, emotion. And the realization we are all human beings, trying to do the best we can in this world. If we have compassion for ourself, the other, the world, we can make things a little bit better.


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