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Vanja Zanze

Vanja Zanze



Vanja Zanze (Croatia, 1966) is a self-taught contemporary artist with incredible story. She started painting in 2019. After shoulder surgery that went wrong and she thought she was close to death, her art journey began. Only two months after that horrible experience she felt a strong need to paint. She was attracted to fluid acrylic technique and her paints began to flow on the canvas. Vanja Zanze quickly began to win the hearts of art lovers around the world and her artworks are in private collections in the USA, Croatia and Serbia. All her life she was in love with words, so she wrote poetry and stories. She has published four books. Vanja studied at the Pedagogical Academy and graduated as a professor of preschool education.
She is fascinated by the fluid technique and she try to transfer her experience of the world to canvas. Vanja usually paints nature in her own way. In her artworks, the trees are magical; the oceans sing their song but also sometimes the sky cry.

2020 – The best artist of the year 2020, Vijuga Association, web page.
2020 – 24h Gallery Winner Teelent Official, Italy. Presentation on Instagram.
2020 – Individual exhibition online, Centre of culture and information’s Maksimir, Zagreb, Croatia.
2019 – First presentation of artworks in Café Jelacic, Osijek, Croatia.
On social media present as mix.art_vanja.


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