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Tove Berglun

Tove Berglun



Tove Berglund began her artistic journey from a very young age, surrounded by nature in the heart of the High Coast of Sweden. These influences have been an immense source of inspiration for Tove as she started to develop her abstract nature influenced artworks. While practicing with various mediums and artistic styles, Tove found a special connection to the vast interpretational world of abstract art. The range of thoughts and imagination, mental landscape or inner vision, which can be transferred to another person. The most important elements are colors combina-tions, energy and harmony.

Gallery Gaudi – Madrid: 2022
Stockholms Konstsalong – Stockholm: 2022.10.21 – 2022.10.30
M.A.D.S Art Gallery – Barcelona: 2022.05.28 – 2022.06.03
Pop up Store Mannaminne – High Coast Creatives – Nordinggrå: 2022.05.26 – 2022.05.29
Anundsjö Konstrunda – Örnskldsvik: 2022.05.01
Affordable Art Fair Stockholm – Gallery Gaudi – Stockholm: 2022.04.20 – 2022.04.24
Pop up Store – High Coast Creatives – Örnsköldsvik: 2021.12.04 – 2022.03.26
Café UH – Örnsköldsvik: 2020.01.03 – 2020.01.31


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