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Susan Wachter

Susan Wachter



The creative process intrigues me...
Iʼm learning that the “breathing space” is just as important as the “active phase”...
Particularly difficult for someone who needs to control in order to feel a sense of security. And, I admit patience and trust are not my strong suits.
Iʼm also learning the act of creating is also the moment of destroying...
Think about it...You sit before a clean white piece of paper or canvas. Perfect. But, in order to become, it must be transformed into something it wasnʼt before. So, it becomes manipulated by a force and all sorts of elements to re-create its essence.
I am an intuitive artist...which means I follow rather than lead. I work from a felt sense, not my left brain. I believe in process rather than product. I never plan. Rules are meant to be broken.
"Art is not what you see, but what you make other's see." ~ E. Degas


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