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Born in Gifu prefecture, Japan
Settled in Hayakawa, “the smallest town in Japan”, Yamanashi prefecture
Conferred the pen name “Eisui” by a holy priest Nichiei of Honjyo-ji temple Enmyo-in on Mount Iitomi.

2017 Received Higashi-Kuninomiya International Prize
2018 Ambassador Yamanashi
2019 Ohki Memorial Artist Fund

Solo exhibitions
1994 I Wanna See You (Cafe Della Pace, New York)1995The Wind Of The City (Gallery Diva, Kanagawa)
2011 eisui Collection: (Cocoroto, Hayakawa Town, Yamanashi)
2014 Eisui Collection: Since Then – (Gallery Rokusai, Yamanashi)
2019 Eisui Collection: (Minobusan Kuonji Temple Museum Lobby)
2016 Eisui Collection: Haru – (Gallery Rokusai, Yamanashi)
Eisui Collection: (Nanbu Town, Museum of Art, Yamanashi)
2017 Eisui Collection: Jitomyo – (Miyako-en, Heritage of Industrial Modernization in Koshu city, Yamanashi)
2018 Eisui Collection: (Minobusan University Library)
Eisui Collection: I wanna see you – (Gallery Rokusai, Yamanashi)
2020 INORI ‘ Prayer ‘: (Gatoh, Tokyo)
Eisui Collection (Fullerton hotel ・Singapore / Singapore)
Eisui Collection (Nanbu Town,Museum of Art, Yamanashi)

Group experiences
1994 Group Show (Space Time Light Gallery / New York, USA)
2018 ‘DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANESE ART 2018 in Paris’ ( galerie JOSEPH minimes / Paris, France)
Animania2018‘MIYABI in Abu Dhabi’ (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center / Abu Dhabi)
2019 Urbino In Acquerello(Data Castel / Urbino,Italy)
World Peace Art Exhibition2019 in Japan(Kanagawa Kenmin Hall / Yokohama)
Art Scence  (Art garden Kawasaki / Kawasaki,Kanagawa)
Ginza・Kyobashi SM exhibition2019 (Gallery Art Space ASK?P / Kyobashi)
Art Shopping(Carrousel du Louvre / Paris, France)
JARDIN(Edhihad Moderm Gallry / Abu Dhabi)
WORLD PEACE ART EXHIBITION 2019(Schonbrunn Palace / Viena, Austria)
GEITEN(Kiyomizu Temple / Kyoto)
2020 The 25th Japan National Selected Artists Exhibition(Ueno-no-mori Museum / Ueno)
Art Blend (Swiss Art Space / Switzerland)
The 25th Japan National Selected Artists Award-winning artists exhibition (Gallery Yae-su.Tokyo / Tokyo)
World Peace Art Exhibition 2020 in Japan (Kyoto city-Kyocera Museum / Kyoto)
World Art Dubai (World Trade Center / Dubai)
World Peace Art Exhibition 2020 in Japan (Vilnius,Old town Hall / Lithuania)
JAPAN TIDE GROUP EXHIBITION (The Sail @ Marina Bay / Singapore)

Award history
2018 ACT ART Award – Winning(Act Art Garlly / Shinjyuku / Tokyo)
DISCOVER THE ONE JAPANESE ART 2018 in Paris Popular Artist Award ( galerie JOSEPH minims – Paris – France)
2019 Oki Memorial Artist Grant Fund – Commissioned
Ginza / Kyobashi Sam Hall Open Call Exhibition 2019 – Winning (Gallery Art Space ASK?P / Kyobashi)
JARDIN Competition – Grand Prix(Edhihad Moderm Gallry / Abu Dhabi)
2020 The 25th Japan National Selected Artists Exhibition – Grand Prix(Ueno-no-mori Muse-um / Ueno)

Work experiences
Kougaku-ji Temple ‘Ume’ (Japanese plum), Main Hall Ceiling Art – the Soto sect, Ichika-wamisato town, Yamanashi
Myofuku-ji Temple ‘Shichimen Daimyojin’ (The great guardian deity of Mount Shichimen), Main Hall Ceiling Art – Nichiren sect, Hayakawa town, Yamanashi
Zenkoku-ji Temple ‘Hanamaru Tenjyo’ (Floral Circles on the Ceiling) and Sakura/Fuji’ (Japa-nese cherry blossom /wisteria), Main Hall Ceiling Art、‘Hoo-oo hiten-zu’ (The Flying Phoenix), Hall of the memorial tablets, Ceiling Art,‘Renge Suiun zu’ (Lotus in swirling waters, clouds above), Hall of the memorial tablets, Mural – Nichiren sect, Fujikawa town, Yamanashi
Kudoku-in Temple ‘Seirenka Ryuo zu’ (Dragon Deity of Blue Lotus Pond), Main Hall Ceiling Art – Jodo sect, Kai city, Yamanashi
Ryuun-ji Temple ‘Hiten Sou-zu’ (A Pair Of Celestial Beings), Shichimen-do Hall, Mural – Nichiren sect, Fujikawa town, Yamanashi
Keishin-in Temple ‘Karyobinga Hirai-zu’ (The Flying Karyobinga), Painting on a name plate with contributors’ names written on it – Nichiren sect, Minobu town, Yamanashi
’Ichinoike-no-zu’,Mural of Roushi-dou on Shumidan (an altar on which a Buddhist image is en-shrined)– Nichiren sect, Minobu town, Yamanashi
Jorinji-Temple ‘Hiten Sou-zu’ (A Pair of Celestial Beings), Mural on Shumidan (an altar on which a Buddhist image is enshrined) – Nichiren sect, Ichiwakamisato town, Yamanashi
Hokkeji-Temple ‘Sanko-tenshi Ryuun-zu’ (Three Heavenly Sons of Light and Dragon-Like Clouds), Screen painting – Nichiren sect, Tono city, Iwate
Myohokke-in Temple ‘Myo’ (Beyond Conception), Designing monuments for animal spirits – Nichiren sect, Kobe city, Hyogo
Housei-In Temple ’Buddha’s birth illustration’, hanging scroll, the Soto sect, Cyuou town, Yamanashi
Kyoto Higashiyama Designing on Karakami (thick printed paper) of front desk at the hotel – Kyoto Higashiyama With, Kyoto
Hotel Shinko Front lobby ceiling painting – Ooedo Onsen Group Hotel Shinko, Isawa, Yama-nashi

Other experiences
2014 ‘Shugyoso Doso-zu’ (Road map of Monk’s Run)Hanging scroll production for the winners of the 2nd ‘Shugyoso’ Long Course – Ordered by the Shugyoso Executive Committee, Yama-nashi
2015 Teaching at a Citizen’s Japanese-style Painting Workshop – Nanbu town, Yamanashi
‘Shugyoso Doso-zu’ (Road map of Monk’s Run) A production of painting in Japanese frame style for the winners of the 3rd ‘Shugyoso’ Long Course – Ordered by the Shugyoso Executive Com-mittee, Yamanashi
2017 Teaching at a course on tracing pictures of Buddhist images at Terakoya (temple school for ordinary people) – Myohokke-in Temple, Kobe city


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