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On Fire With The Heat Of Love
Halcyon Clay

On Fire With The Heat Of Love



Title: On Fire With The Heat Of Love
Year: 2022
Technique: Digital collage

I create colleges like these with my mind heart and soul. Placing specifically together key components of life. Elements like Fire are the spark of creation. The heat of compassion, love and creativity. In the center of course is a woman to honor and embrace the divine feminine which carries and goes through so much in life. Fire blossoming for outside and inside of her. Adorned with flowers to embrace the sweet soft and memorable moments in the everyday. The mouths represent charka and energy coming outside of her. To have more than one mouth shows how life and love speak from more than just the head. And the ! Exclamation points above her show her importance, electricity, and power. They highlight her and point her out as a shining diamond.

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