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Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison



Title: Jim Morrison
Year Completed: 2022
Size: 100x80 cm
Technical: acrylic on canvas

Inspired by the organic shapes that fluids create through their movements. All portraits are created through a complex combination of organic shapes in different colors and sizes. I draw only the liquid part of the body without destroying its shape and its initial features. I have chosen to use the seven colors of the rainbow and the shades obtained by combining them in all of my artworks. They are made on canvas with acrylic colors.

Jim Morrison by IRIS originates from the natural element par excellence: water. IRIS aka Carmen Rieger presents her very personal style that can be defined as "Fluidism" which has a strong pop root. Subjects, colors and shapes refer to the expression of modern society and its urban environment, icons of cinema, music and advertising. A society that IRIS manages to represent by capturing its main psychological trait, fluidity. We are constantly moving, constantly changing shape, just like water. The pop vein is contaminated by the very personal expression of the artist who expresses her material tendency inspired by the organic forms that fluids create through their movements. This is the keystone of "Fluidism", which combines organic forms in a portrait composition. It is the evolution of the portrait, a portrait that manages to fully represent a psychological component that belongs to our time.

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