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Tree of Life
Mona Ruehle

Tree of Life



„Tree of Life", WN043, 2021, MixMedia on canvas, 100 x 120 x 4 cm Have you ever hugged a tree or walked barefoot across a forest floor? This has nothing to do with exaggerated esotericism - it’s mother nature, it´s the origin, and it´s pure wellness. The secret power of trees has been known since time immemorial. An immovable hold whenever you are looking for solid ground under your feet. He shows us irrefutable confidence and is the strong companion through wind, weather and storms of nature and life. After the long weeks of lockdown, the awakening of nature is something very special. We all have probably never longed for this spring and a new beginning as much as this year. This colourful tree is a symbol for the awakening. Enjoy the wonderful play of light that the sun creates in his branches with his leaves and fruits in bright red, pink and green tones on gold background. A brightly coloured tree that reflects the music of my heart. Gold is the colour of success, achievement and triumph and is associated with luxury, quality, value and elegance. It implies prosperity, material wealth and the power of the sun. Gold is an optimistic colour by nature. His hue is both: passionate and attention-grabbing at the same time. As an uplifting and encouraging shade, the colour gold wants the best for people. It celebrates success and motivates people to reach their potential. März 2021 Artist: Mona Ruehle

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