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Jennifer Mrozek Weiss

Jennifer Mrozek Weiss



My creativity is a powerful purpose in my life and I am blessed with tons of creative energy! My art practice is a priority for me and I strive to produce new work regularly. When I find a rhythm during my practice, I often climb to a meditative state where I can relax and let my creativity flow through my paint brush and onto my canvas. The artistic process soothes me from the pressures of daily life.
I create with spontaneity, as I trust my mind to develop what is needed onto my medium. I believe that my higher power is part of this process and I have faith that my work is just what it needs to be.
My art is visceral and often intertwines shapes within shapes, I use vibrant colors to differentiate and build a constant sense of power and emotion. I produce flowing forms, alive with expression, that tend to display an intricate dance between balance and energy.
My work has depth and dimension that is achieved through the layering and the transparency given to forms, shapes and colors on each level. Heavier paint is applied on one layer and lighter paint in another which builds a transparent effect. I will dilute my paint to get a watercolor effect in my background colors.
My artistic influences are Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, and Paul Klee. I love the spirit and life in Miro’s expression. I sense familiarity in Kandinsky ‘s shapes. I am drawn to Paul Klee’s great sense of color and form.
In terms of my art exposure, I have participated in Art Basel and other art fairs around the country.


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