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Seohee Ko

Seohee Ko



"A painting that feels like the colours have been swallowing and then spit back out onto the canvas.”

Hello, my name is Seohee Ko.

I graduated from the Department of Theater and Film at both high school and University and have been working as an actress for the past 20 years.

One day, I went on a trip to Jeju Island to meet my painter friend after my play was done and it was the first opportunity for me to express my world on a canvas during my stay and ever since then I've been consistently painting at least 3 pieces a week for the past year.

I only have one purpose for painting: HOPE. I feel "soul" from the deep inside of me whenever I draw and I HOPE to inspire others the same way that I feel. With this HOPE, I draw my inspiration that immediately comes to mind.

The colours and styles used (found) by the artist are the mountains and the fields for me.
I'm drawing the sun and moon of the soul.

For all who see my pieces, I hope them to feel true-self through my expression as I was feeling at the moment of the brush stroke.


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