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Anastasia Krivolapova

Anastasia Krivolapova




Anastasia Krivolapova was born in small town in Sibera, Russia. Growing up changed several countries of living. Being brought up in diverse cultural scenarios, starting from Russia, moving to Chile and following to Slovenia, raised deep interest in human psychology, cross cultural differences and similarities.
Acquiring the International Baccalaureate diploma in Gymnasium Bezigrad in Ljubljana, Slovenia she opted to combine two of the passions of arts and psychology in the study of Applied Arts in Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Finishing Bachelors Degree majoring in Glass the experiences in different field of arts awoke the interest in jewelry design, seen as a great opportunity to combine arts with everyday design and create a closer connection to the customers. Currently mainly working with ceramics and glass.


Arts, creativity and passion are the means that are used to communicate, learn and understand the material surroundings and social situation that influence individual development and growth. The aim is to establish a dialogue, rather than simply read a monologue. The aim is to awake questions and suggest possible ways of thinking, share interpretations, rather than force You, the Viewer, to thoughtlessly accept personal truth.


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