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Dream Room

Dream Room




International Contemporary Art exhibition


Concept curated by Erika Gravante, Art Curator


“ Dreams don’t want to make you sleep, on the contrary, they want to wake you “  

René Magritte


Dream Room imagines the physical and mental space where art meets dreams in an exhibition itininerary which allows to transcend the level of reality and to merge it with the oniric and subconscious ones.

Visions, nightmares, desires, images, symbols and colours give shape to a box with no walls in which we can have access to the most unexplored territories of the soul, those aspects that are hidden under the veil of consciousness.

The exhibition has the ambitious purpose to generate a big tale, a free stream of feelings which is far from didactic and academic boundaries and it is fulfilled with surprise and wonder.

A world where fairy tales, poetry, shades of colours, fantasies flow on various levels, sometimes overlapping, sometimes parallel, until the process of telling the difference between the truth and the imaginary becomes challenging.

The investigation involves in particular the role and value, which is often ignored and underestimated, of the oniric process and of the impact that it can provoke in life from a psychic and sensorial perspective, as a catalyst for the irrational and emotional perception.

When we tell a dream to someone, we establish a peculiar bond at the moment when we share the mysterious dimension of the "self"; that is the reason why Jung and Freud used the memory of dreams as a tool to analise the human mind.

Great artists such as Rene' Magritte employed the technique of surreal illusionism. By counterposing images, he created deformation and modification of the significance. Also Marc Chagall painted landscapes in which characters and elements together crowd the fantasy and produce magic and cloudy universes and dimensions.

A cross theme in the art world, which involves cinema too. The film director Michel Gondry in its movie "Les science des reves", shows how dreaming  becomes a powerful instrument which can distort the existence and the environment where people live.

In photography, the example of the visionary Tim Walker offers an amazing meeting point between fashion, fable and wonder without any limitation in playing with the secrets of our inner places.


The oniric aspect therefore needs a relationship with reality: dreams become "allied" when they find their way to come true in diverse forms when we are awake.

With eyes open or shut, expressed on suppressed, fascinating or worrying, these artists' mental journeys give us the extraordinary opportunity of detaching our feet from safe and known grounds and to float in the endless sea of thoughts.


“ I dream my painting and i paint my dream “  Vincent Van Gogh


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