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Laura Hogan




Title: Bardo
Year: 2021
Size: 120x100 cm
Technique: Oil & mixed media on canvas

Description: ”Bardo” is an ancient term used in Tibetan Buddhism. It refers to a state of transition or liminal existence, as one passes away and begins a middle life; a life between death and rebirth. At its root, my work focuses on the investigation of these ‘between’ states; the existence of life be-tween lives, the materials of space between spaces. Personally, Bardo evokes feelings of floating through layers of experience. When I sit with this work I simultaneously look deep into the past, observe the present, and appreciate the future, like a subatomic particle experiencing every-thing at once. This work reminds me, that at the root, we are all in a constant state of bardo, for we are all just space, living between spaces, living, dieing, and rebirthing at once, always.

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