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Marry Me!
Michael Angle Oh!

Marry Me!



Title: Marry Me! Technique: digital art – photography GIF VIDEO POEM They say (Who?) Michael too serious. I say Angle for (You!) serious. mon trésor. Oh! I promise. ‘’Like a dreamer in my poetry, I feel gratefulness for the life, the sun and the moon. The Universe who reflects and shape my body and mind over those waken days and star starry nights, I am alive’’ Me a flower, season by season. I give to you! ,,you can hold. in times. I will always forgive. For Love is what it is. Nothing I can’t resist. A flower too! Wild you Are. On a meadow, by a roadside, along a path, in a glade, high a mountain. Wherever you are? You're my view, 'with those illustrious eyes. Artist: Michael Angle Oh!

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