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Digital Artist


Digital Artist


Born and raised in Japan

I have loved movies, manga, anime, and special effects heroes since I was a child.

Since my twenties, I have been interested in Japanese swords and art, and love to look at Japanese national treasures.
In art, I was shocked by Rubens' use of red and silver.

Later, I started drawing with crayons and pens, but it did not become a routine.
I spent my time as a salaryman in the general society without any problems as a member of society.
I encountered a company where I was completely unacceptable, was diagnosed by a doc-tor as having ASD, and took a leave of absence from work.
After taking a leave of absence, I tried many different things and only continued with my current art making activities.
Currently, I am still working at the company while creating artworks.

About my work

My works are created by processing my own photos with my smartphone, and expressing my emotions at the time, joy, anxiety, sadness, sorrow, anger, greed, etc.
I express my emotions, joy, anxiety, sadness, anger, lust, etc., as if they were a documentary film of my mind.

I consider the whole process from the material I took to the goal I am satisfied with as one work.
As I work on the piece, my emotions change and diverge, until I reach a goal that satisfies me.
Even if I reach the goal I am satisfied with, if I want to destroy the finished work, I will continue.
Therefore, there are works that I have completed with satisfaction, and there are works that I have arrived at with emptiness.


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