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René Daniel Binot
Digital Artist

René Daniel Binot

Digital Artist


My name is René Daniel Binot.
I was born in Cologne/ Germany in April 1973 and grew up there.
When I finished my graduation from school, an accident took my life for a while.
After my vocational training, I got into the everyday hamster wheel and unfortunatly could not promote my ideas and my creativity.
It was only after taking a break and starting a new life in south america, that I began to live out what I always dreamed of.
The love for digital painting came about on the plane to south america.
My paintings tell, like the small details in the colors and colors gradients, life with all its ups and downs.
I am happy to be part of the exhibition.

Tools: a small tablet, adobe photoshop, my own style with acrylic painting, acrylic painting paired with digital editing.


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