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Neha Kukreja

Neha Kukreja



My name is Neha Kukreja and I'm a contemporary abstract fluid and mixed media artist from Toronto, Canada, with my roots going back to India. This site showcases my creative journey and passion through color and expression! Having grown up in India, I have always been surrounded by color. As a child, that resonated with happy & positive vibes, thoughts, and feelings. In today’s world, we are all dealing with our own battles and I am no exception. I graduated from Laurentian university, Sudbury with a Bachelor honors degree in computer science and my fate was sealed. Being an IT professional for the past 16 years has had its perks and benefits but accompanied with some sleepless nights! My go-to stress buster is my passion for Color! My desire to showcase my art with the world is a small attempt to share the same feelings of tranquil and serenity, that I experience and hope it uplifts someone’s mood even if just for a moment. I am a fluid artist who enjoys working with acrylics, alcohol inks and Resin. The varying fluid consistencies are comparable to the curveballs life throws at us, and not knowing what hand we get dealt, it takes determination and grit to handle it with confidence. Playing with the varying consistencies in fluid art opens the door for so much more - dotting art/Blob art with thick consistencies, thinner pours leading to abstract creations, with more fluid runny consistencies, embellishments etc. sky is the limit! My happy place is one of the bedrooms converted into my studio where I am fortunate enough to be able to bring my imagination to life in the form of art, unleashing the stress! The medley of colors blending into one another, giving life to something unique and unexpected is such a therapeutic experience. Admirers of my work look at the mandala pieces I have made and applaud me for my patience, but to me it’s passion and the joy of creating happiness one canvas, one creation at a time! I draw my inspiration from the various chapters of life and am confident that I have the power to give my imagination a creative twist and being able to land it on canvas gives me immense joy and satisfaction. The beauty of abstract fluid art is that each piece would speak to an individual in its own unique way! I work with fluid media and use air, water, heat, and household items as tools, to achieve the desired effects in my art. My art collection comprises of various mediums, that help create texture as desired. I use Acrylics, Alcohol Inks, Resin, Mixed media for embellishments using mosaics, crystal, glitter, and stencils. My art collection comprises of –
- Mandalas, in different acrylic consistencies giving texture, which are my personal favourites. For this, I usually use dotting tools and create my own mix of varying paint consistencies depending on the effect am looking for.
- Fluid acrylic abstract art with embellishments. For this art form, I create my own pouring mediums and depending on the technique, I prepare my paints to the desired fluid consistency. I also use household tools like strainers, open cups, skewers, foils etc. to get desired results. One of the unique aspects about my art form is embellishments! If not all, most of my paintings would be embellished with glitter, crystals, crushed glass, gold leaf etc.
- Alcohol Inks as a medium. This is a fun art form as well. Combining these with acrylics opens doors to so much more.
- Resin art. This is one of my favourites given the challenging limited time window one has before resin begins to set and cure. I’d either directly pour with resin on canvas or use it as a sealant over my dried acrylic pours.


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