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Sky burn
Spencer Hyde

Sky burn



Title: sky burn
Year: 2022
Size: 36 x 24 x 2 inches
Technique: Complimentary Colors, Heavy Texture, Underpainting, Blending, Multiple Layers, Massive Action, Heavy Scumbling, Alla Prima, Impasto, Chiaroscuro, Contrasting Colors, Saturated Color, Intensified Colors, Strictly Pigment & Light Mixing

The artwork is a contemporary modern abstract oil painting with super heavy texture.
“The goal of creating this piece was to provide as much color, and concentrated pigment as close together as possible. By not using any mediums or solvents while painting it, the paint remained as thick as possible which allows it to essentially “jump” off the canvas. Nothing is better than a painting you could stare at for hours and get lost in. Mission accomplished.”

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