Lady Di swimming near Sardinia (1997)
Thomas Bienert

Lady Di swimming near Sardinia (1997)



Title: LADY DI SWIMMING NEAR SARDINIA (1997) Execution: 2020 Photography + digital art, limited edition 1/10 Size: 80x80 cm (Other sizes on request) Frame: Glossy gallery style (DiaSec 2 mm Acryl + 3 mm Alu Dibond) or No frame, just Fine Art print 80x80 cm Text: THE DAY BEFORE Lady Di was killed in a car crash in Paris she was swimming off the Sardinian coast. With her new boy friend. She loved swimming with her yellow goggles. The quietness of the water, to be all on her own, far from her official life.Later she phoned her children who were in England. They could‘t await to meet the next days, but they would never see their mother alive again Artist: Thomas Bienert