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Diana Lavrukhina




Title: Unity
Year of execution: 2020
Size: 170x180 cm
Material: Oil on canvas

Unity painting is about joint forces of friends, togetherness of lovers, unity of souls. Work on the painting was started in the spring of 2020 when each day the doors of our free to go life were closing and closing again and again. Among friends we helped each other dealing with abruptly stopped travels, crashing business and urgence of building needed reserves for the uncertainty of the coming future. Unity sticked us in understanding how to fight with invisible enemy of virus. Endless discussions of news from doctors, nurses and social workers, exchanges of NHS informative videos. No one would ever forget it. And despite the darkness coming all around it all made even more clear who values you being the part of their life, who is afraid to lose you forever. People turned to be kinder and closer to each other. But the most important thing which has happened during complete lockdown was a cultural shift: casual people - nurses, doctors and volunteers became the heroes of high street magazines stepping into covers. Suddenly the world realized what is important and who would take care of you if you break a leg or get a severe infection. Seven turtles of Unity painting symbolizes the doctors, nurses and patients fighting together with the COVID to be able to get out of the falling ocean and take a breath.

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