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La Ville Radieuse
Ernesto Fava

La Ville Radieuse



Title: La Ville Radieuse
Year: 2020
Size: 170x70cm
Technique: digital illustration

The Ville Radieuse, the beating heart of the civilisation of the future, is articulated in rational, repetitive urban agglomerations, like the matrix of a great digital system that excludes man from its centre. The New God, the Cloud, collects data, catalogues them and analyses them inside a great golden tower, from which everyone draws to make the most of this new, precious resource. Meanwhile, the outcasts cling to the city of the rich like a parasite, proliferating without rules in a system from which they seek to steal vital energy. The New Civilisation has only changed its Object of Veneration, while the social divide has grown wider and wider. Individual alienation is at its highest stage.

La Città risplende la città diffonde
la città raccoglie dati flussi voglie strade nuove spoglie.
Nuova Grande Fede Torre di Babele
Cloud che ascolta e chiede uomo che riceve
decisioni prese da reti supreme.
Nuovo mondo a raggi lune stelle viaggi
ordine radioso uomo vittorioso
senza più riposo.

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