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Shelter, Cemetery
Feiyang Zhang

Shelter, Cemetery



Title: Shelter, Cemetery
Year: 2021
Size: 3 minutes video
Technique: Mixed Media

“Shelter, Cemetery” is a reflection on how the world she has been living in changed beyond recognition due to the impact of the pandemic. Strongly struck by this change, she decides to place her work in utopian and dystopian futures, creating a video that sits between fashion performance, costume design for theatre and film and fashion editorial. Wishing to start from the stage of escaping from the real world, with a reinforced sense of our physical bodies, “Shelter, Cemetery” therefore focuses on how harmful particles can appear as invisible, but break through our immune system and affect our whole body, in order to show the dilemma between control and lack of control through body movement, performance and costumes that could define the characters for an imaginary future. The story indicates two protagonists struggling and trying to adapt/mutate in order to live in an extreme underground environment: initially human, during the video the two figures become monstrous creatures - representing the bacteria and viruses that live with us -; claws are born on their hands, faces are hidden by masks and bodies are covered with colored clothes of almost alien materials and patterns. Through slow and almost animal-like movements, they look for and discover each other, adapting their bodies to the space of the other, in a sort of almost tribal dance belonging to the otherworldly sphere. With this work therefore, which turns out to have a very strong and intense impact, Feiyang wants to create a provocation towards the viewer: what will our destiny be and what will happen if we continue not to respect and take care of the planet we live on?

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