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Visiting an exhibition directly from your living room, from a chiringuito on the beach or from anywhere else you are?


With M.A.D.S now you can, simply with a click. The works of art are no longer visible because they are "hung" on walls, but thanks to augmented reality. In fact, all M.A.D.S exhibitions are fully accessible remotely. Buyers, press, public, collectors and artists are able to enjoy the exhibitions in streaming all over the world, in every moment, achieving sales anywhere in the world, because operating on an international level with media and digital tools, there is no need for someone coming physically to close the deal. M.A.D.S. for the performance of its services in favor of the artists, it boasts physical, real locations, within which the team carries out its work: real headquarters, in which everything is realized and from which everything is shared internationally, going to cover no longer a small and limited physical audience, but an unlimited international audience. The use of the visitor, even if comfortably seated from another position and in any place in the world, is not imaginary but concrete, since the set-up are physical and existing and not designed (as in virtual spaces completely fictitious and rendered). This is called MIXED REALITY: digital augmented reality combined with physical space. A digital product interacting with places, people and physical tools.

M.A.D.S., in fact, boasts a contemporary physical venue located in one of the most lively areas of Milan, Italy totally set up with screens, video projectors and touch screen monitors (the first multimedia gallery with this permanent, digital set-up, unique and innovative) and in July 2021, M.A.D.S. opened a new headquarters: a new digital physical gallery based in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, becoming larger and increasingly international. M.A.D.S. has monitors (currently 50”, 55”, 60”, 75", 85") in both the 2 locations, vertical and horizontal size, to optimally accomodate all kinds of dimensions and to make the real dimensions of the work stand out. Touch screen monitors allow the viewer to zoom and enhance every detail for a great result. It is also equipped with the VR OCULUS virtual reality viewer device to host photos and videos 3D. It is the first totally INCLUSIVE gallery: there is no work of art that it cannot exhibit. Whatever the material that composes it, its size, its support.

M.A.D.S. is a reference point for emerging and established artists, to launch or consolidate their career. A reference point for museums, galleries, institutions, associations, foundations, curators, critics, collectors as one of its primary objectives is to highlight the artist, his talent, his portfolio, making it accessible to an increasingly international audience. The services we provide, the international media audience reached without limits thanks to digital, the targeted meetings with selected audiences, will exponentially expand the visibility of the artist who will receive new invitations, new proposals for participation in international events, awards and prizes; its sales coefficient will rise, increasing the chances of sales and earnings, thanks also to a higher value of the artworks on the market.

M.A.D.S. has revolutionized the process of presentation of the artworks, increasing the visual quality of the details, their three-dimensionality and materiality through high definition and augmented reality, eliminating costs (as shipping, packaging, insurance, customs), time and bureaucracy, as well as protecting and safeguarding the integrity of the original artworks. An evolution for the art market, a new trend.

Thousands of artists from all over the world have been finding for years, in M.A.D.S., the answer to their needs: exhibition, curatela, advertising, marketing and promotion, aimed to ensure a long-lasting visibility on a worldwide scale, thanks to the team of professionals that includes webmaster, graphics, photographers, video reporters, art curators, art director, commercial director, communications manager, mediators, advisors, dealers, seekers at their service. 



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